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This short form has fewer options to choose from and simplifies things as compared to the Long form. If you just want an informal estimate, go to the Prices page. The answers you give here will be kept for 6 months, no one else will ever see them. You should get in touch with me soon after sending this form. Thanks.

First name:


Last name:



State (province:

Zip (city code





Options and features: (*asterisks indicate my standard)

Right handed*

Left handed


Number of strings:






Scale length:

Four strings: 34 in (86cm) (Long scale)

Five strings: 35 in (89cm) (5 string long scale)

String spacing at nut:

Four string: 0.40 in (10mm)

5 or more strings: 0.35 in (9mm)

String spacing at bridge:

4-string: 0.75 in (19mm)

5 or more strings: 0.70 in (17.8mm)

Fingerboard width at nut:

4 string: 1.50 in (38mm)

5 string: 1.70 in (43mm)

6 string: 2.05 in (52.5mm)

Fingerboard width at 24th fret:

4 string: 2.40 in (62mm)

5 string: 2.825 in (72mm)

6 string: 3.44 in (87.5mm)

Number of frets:


Fingerboard radius:

4-string: 9 inches - 12 in conical, this has a tight radius at the nut, getting flatter towards the 24th fret

5 & 6 string: 10 in - 16 in

Neck thickness at 1st fret:

0.75 inches (19mm)

Neck thickness at 16th fret:

0.90 in (23mm)

Neck profile:


Fret size:

bass (.103 inches x .046 in)


See some woods here

Main neck wood:

Rock Maple

Neck, outside stringers:

Neck, center stringer:

Rock maple



Body woods:

Choose a front:

matching wood veneer covering neck through body: (add $150)

Choose a back:

Thumb rest:

Full length of body

Body Shape:

C shape

D Shape


Treble side: 24th fret

Bass side: 21st fret

Extension of upper horn:

"C" and "D" shapes: 12th fret

Fingerboard inlays

Abalone 1/4 inch dots

Edge markers:


Edge markers on fretless:

Dots only (on fret positions)

Dots between partial lines (The way they'd look on a fretted bass).

Overall weight of instrument:

approx. 7 lbs (3.2Kg) 4 string

8 to 9 lbs (4Kg) 5 and 6 string


Tru Oil



Strap buttons:

Non-locking low profile, oversized.

Jim Dunlop locking. (add $12)

Jim Dunlop recessed (add $12)

Truss rod:

Titanium, adjusts at head.

Carbon fiber reinforcement bars:

Two, one on each side of truss rod



Location of control knobs:

Curved line on lower wing

Location of Neutrix locking jack:

Bottom edge 45 degrees back



Pickups: (two)


Shape: M series


Shape: M series

Passive controls and active electronics:

Volume, blend, midrange, stacked bass and treble

Active / Passive switch (add $50)

Audere Audio 3ZB with 3 or 4 band eq(add $200)


Glenn Cronkhite custom gig bag (add $250)

Maxline custom fitted road case. (add $375)

Press "Send" to send this form to me. Also please send me an email explaining who you are and what you want from me, thanks.

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