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Model:  6 string fretless D bass

Body woods: Claro walnut top, sassafras back and purpleheart rails

Neckwoods: Wenge and purpleheart neck with macassar ebony fingerboard

Finish: Dupont Chromaclear

Pickups and electronics: Lightwave with Icetone piezo bridges, 3 band eq with sweepable mids, magnetic emulation and 1 hour charging circuit. 13 pin MIDI output with separate volume and controler switch. Wittman electronic tuner.

Location: Santa Monica

Year: 2003

Special features: The MIDI output from the Lightwave system was quite complicated and I couldn't have done it without the hand holding and technical expertise of Lightwave's engineer, Keith Frezon. This bass had 3 stacked pots to accommodate all the controls.

Owner comments:
Thank you for this freaking fantastic bass! It is stunning and you are a master!
Right now I'm listening to the open strings sustain, plucking at differing spots, enumerating the harmonics in my mind. The sound is so rich, I swear if you pluck the center point, it sounds like it's being doubled by a processor. Really impressive sound, and it just gets bigger and bigger as you go low. I am super impressed. Thanks again.


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